NCWC Inc. of New Jersey on Providing Service to More Motorists This 2018 Than Ever Before

April 26, 2018

This 2018, NCWC Inc. has been helping more car owners than ever before. They protect vehicles with their wide range of extended service contracts. There are a lot of reasons for NCWC Inc. being a popular choice among drivers. The company offers various policies that fit into everyone’s ideal budget, helping car owners protect their vehicle without having to spend too much.

NCWC Inc.’s Service Plans

NCWC Inc.’s Engine Plan allows you to protect only the most costly engine parts. It is not as comprehensive as the company’s other plans, but it will help provide you with assurance and peace of mind at an affordable price. If you have an older vehicle, then the Engine Plan might be the ideal option for you because it will protect you from expensive engine repair costs, which are more common in used vehicles. This plan will pay for engine repairs or engine part replacements. 

Meanwhile, the Select Plan is a full coverage policy that covers the most vital parts of your car. It can help you with pretty much anything that could go wrong with your vehicle. It will provide you with maximum assurance by protecting yours from expensive repair bills. This plan is best for newer vehicles. 

Another plan offer by NCWC Inc. – the Powertrain Coverage – covers a vehicle’s engine, transmission, and drive axles. These parts experience high levels of wear and tear, and they are also some of the most costly ones to repair. The Powertrain Coverage is ideal for anyone who has a newer vehicle still covered by the basic manufacturer’s warranty, and who also intends to keep using the vehicle even after the basic warranty has already expired. The Powertrain Coverage does not include routine maintenance and repairs. NCWC Inc. also offers a Powertrain Enhance Coverage, which includes everything in the basic Powertrain Coverage, as well as Air Conditioning, Steering, Brakes, and Electrical.

Providing the Best Value

All of NCWC Inc.’s extended service contracts come with additional extras. This means that the policyholder will benefit from the contract even if the covered vehicle never has to undergo any repairs over the course of the service plan. For instance, policyholders will get unlimited access to roadside assistance services, including towing services, a jump start, emergency fuel delivery, etc. 

Covered vehicle owners will also benefit from a stipend, which can be used if a vehicle breaks down while it’s away from home. Each contract also includes lockout assistance, no-cost financing, and a complimentary rental car. Another great thing about NCWC Inc.’s contracts is that they are completely transferable. This means that the vehicle covered can still be protected even if it is sold, increasing its resell value.

Filing Claims

Policyholders will find it easy to file claims as they would only have to ask their mechanic or repair center to contact This will initiate the claims process. Drivers would not have to worry about paying and then waiting for a reimbursement after. 

NCWC Inc. makes payments either to the contract holders or the repair facilities. The company could pay the contract holders or the repair facilities with a reimbursement, which they will do by mailing a check. They could also make the payment by credit card, depending on the circumstances. . For more information you can also go to or call them at 800-599-9557.

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