Congratulations to Aloe Black Science PMAS New Technology on Winning the Geneva Invention Gold Award

April 20, 2018

The 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, which lasted for five days, was successfully held in Switzerland on April 11.  As a world-renowned event, the exhibition highlighted more than 1,000 inventions from 40 countries and regions, and thousands of exhibitors from around the world taking the spotlight and competing for a limited number of Gold Awards in this exhibition.

The technology invented by Jufeel Bio Group jointly with Zhejiang University, which is named the Application of Natural Plant Extracts on Improving Intracranial Auto-immunization and Protecting Injured Neurons of Cerebral Stroke Patients, won the Gold Award of Medical Health in this exhibition. The technology can improve the rehabilitation effects on brain atrophy and cerebral degeneration with no clinically observed side effects. The inventors of this technology are Professor Zhang Rongxuan, who is the chief biological scientist of Jufeel Biology and the School of Life Science of Changzhou University, and specially-appointed chief medical scientist, Professor Yan Weiqi.

Switzerland Geneva is the region where many international organizations reside, such us UN office, World Trade Organization (WTO), World Health Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Every April, inventors and invention enthusiasts from dozens of countries gather here, competing against each other with their newest inventions, technologies, and innovations. At the same time, technical experts, intellectual property professionals and financial experts and entrepreneurs from transnational investment banks also come to Geneva for communication and exchanging views.

This event is the same event which previously named as the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.  It was founded in 1973 and has been held for 45 consecutive times. As a world-renowned international exhibition jointly organized by the Swiss federal government, canton of Geneva, Geneva city and WIPO, it is also the one with the most extended history and broadest in scale globally.

In the past exhibitions of inventions of Geneva, invention categories were mainly focused in medicine and healthcare, electronics & computer science, mechanics and industry, environmental and energy conservation. But in this event, the function and effect of biotechnology essence PMAS and blood-brain barrier penetrating water-soluble PROG on degenerative diseases like cerebral stroke, discovered by Professor Zhang Rongxuan, from the School of Pharmacy and Life Science of Changzhou University and Professor Yan Weiqi, from Zhejiang University School of Medicine, have introduced the innovative spirit and ability of Chinese biotechnology to the world.

It is reported that PMAS extracted from Aloe at the ratio of 1.5:10000. This technology won the Gold Awards of both the Aloe Black Technology of Thailand Exhibition and the Best Global AIDS Prevention issued by UNAIDS last year. The inventor, professor Zhang Rongxuan has been graciously received by the US president, Donald Trump in consideration of this technology.  While professor Yan Weiqi, inventor of water-soluble PROG, once also won the annual Medicine Prize of International Bio-medicine Conference (London).

According to professor Zhang Rongxuan, abundant polysaccharides of aloe contain acemannan which can help to improve human immunological functions. The polysaccharide is an important active ingredient of aloe, and the primary focus of aloe research is to separate the various functional components and purified from it.  From a structure-activity relationship standpoint, the physiological activity of aloe polysaccharide isn’t based on its carbohydrate chain, but from its branch locations; because carbohydrate chain subtly restrains and leads functions of the protein. Acemannan is mainly located in the core part of the aloe polysaccharide macromolecule section and has more dynamic characteristics than other molecular chains. Professor Zhang Rongxuan and his research team extracted this material through their patented technology and named it PMAS.

Professor Yan points out that cerebral stroke is a kind of disease with extremely high mortality and disability rate in China and there have been no effective drugs so far; therefore it is very important to improve intracranial auto-immunization activity and protect injured neurons against hypoxia-ischemia. According to WHO materials, there is one patient suffering from cerebral stroke every six seconds in the world and most of them become disabled due to this disease. Therefore this technology has a tremendous scientific significance and social demand.

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