April 18, 2016

 A new service has been launched to introduce entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and others to the international business community, while providing opportunities to experience a major global city, network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, and meet global investors and prospective business partners. The service is being offered by JetNest, a startup partially funded by hedge fund manager and New York Times best-selling author Christopher Farrell. JetNest was established to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and others who want an extensive, personally and professionally enriching overseas experience — without neglecting their current business or job.  The company assembles carefully selected groups of no more than 30 individuals and brings them to a single global business and financial center where they live, work, collaborate and explore for a full month. Participants — called JetNesters—...


April 19, 2016


Announcing: The best kept secret used by most top models

April 18, 2016

If you have not yeat heard about the secret weapon used by many top models, you surely will shortly. This week on theASKBONBON Show, you will meet found of BigT NYC. Theresa Krier was inspired to create Big T NYC while working backstage at New York Fashion Week. She noticed that although the models were thirsty under all of the lights, hair & makeup, they wouldn’t touch the available sodas. She wanted to create a better option -- a delicious, calorie-free beverage that could help people stay beautiful, hydrated and focused in any situation. The result is the world’s first couture tea brand, bringing artistry and gourmet flavor combinations to the tea category. Theresa's unique take on the ancient beverage of tea has earned the attention of extensive press, and Theresa was named one of 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015. Other featured guests this week include Pnina Torina, the fashin designer and host of Say Yes To The...

New Stable Isotope Labeling from Creative Peptides Accelerates the Development of Protein Quantitative Algorith

April 18, 2016

SHIRLEY, NY - 4/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Creative Peptides, a reliable supplier of peptides manufacturing upon academic, clinical, commercial and government laboratories in diverse applications, is introducing its efficient product to help drive the development of protein quantitative algorith.  Recently, labeling of proteins and peptides with stable heavy isotopes (deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-15, and oxygen-18) has been widely used in quantitative proteomics. In fact, such labeling has long been a staple of NMR spectroscopy studies. It can be useful for the determination of protein structure and dynamics or protein-protein interactions, by allowing for the incorporation of NMR active nuclei which can help reduce the complexity of spectra and help researchers obtain new correlations between atoms for more complete structural information.  Nowadays, increasing number of scientists are trying to discover more effective methods...

SpaceCraft Celebrates Grand Opening of Coworking Space in Pasadena

April 18, 2016

 is excited to announce the grand opening of its North Fair Oaks Avenue location in Pasadena. SpaceCraft’s co-working space provides a no-nonsense, functional office environment offering a moderately priced co-working solution to area entrepreneurs and freelancers. Conveniently located just three blocks from world famous Colorado Boulevard in Old Town, Pasadena, the facility offers 24/7 access and a variety of membership options. SpaceCraft has also partnered with meetup groups in the Pasadena area to offer networking opportunities to its members.  is a rapidly growing trend among entrepreneurs and groups who want the structure or social atmosphere of an office but value the independence of working for themselves. Shared spaces offer an affordable alternative to private offices, providing a professional environment for meetings and freedom from the distractions of working at home. Emerick, a founding partner of , understands the...


April 18, 2016

MELBOURNE , FL - 4/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Discovered by ArKay Beverage’s founder in 2012, the W.A.R.M molecule is one key element in the production of ArKay Beverages. This molecule gives the impression of burn and kicks when in the mouth and has a taste very similar to alcohol. The W.A.R.M molecule, when mixed with a liquid, in this case with ArKay flavored drink fools the brain and makes the brain believe that you are drinking real liquor, then after a few seconds the brain realizes that what you are drinking is not liquor and immediately tells you that you can keep drinking without any form of ill effects. The W.A.R.M tastes like alcohol, and when mixed with ArKay gives the impression that it is alcohol, but not literally alcohol. ArKay global business model The actual production and distribution of ArKay comply with the franchising model. ArKay Beverages only produces a syrup concentrate that is sold to bottlers all around...


April 18, 2016

SAN ANTONIO, TX - 4/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) San Antonio Podiatrist Advises Heel Pain Sufferers To Ask Six Questions 1) Is the pain worse after taking the first step out of bed in the morning or after rest? Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain affecting millions of people. The plantar fascia is the tight band of tissue that attaches to the base of the heel bone and to the bases of the toes. The more inflamed the fascia becomes, the more it contract while one rest which is the cause of the “first step” pain. If there is no first step pain, then plantar fasciitis may not be the cause. There are many causes of heel pain. Here is a discussion of some of the causes: 2) Am I wearing the correct type of shoes? It has been recognized for hundreds of years, that the midportion or shank of the shoe should not bend or twist but the flexibility should exist...

San Antonio Podiatrist Treats Debilitating Heel Pain Safely With Shockwave Solution

April 18, 2016

SAN ANTONIO, TX - 4/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Dr. Ed Davis, a San Antonio Podiatrist is celebrating his 15th year utilizing office based Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) to solve the toughest cases of heel pain. Plantar fasciitis is a painful and often debilitating condition that afflicts more than 2.5 million people in the United States every year. It is a condition that can affect anyone but more common in athletes, runners, overweight individuals or those required to stand on hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Dr. Davis states that heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis is the most common athletic injury he sees in his busy practice. Conservative treatment can remedy the vast majority of cases but recalcitrant or tougher cases have been treated with surgery in the past until the advent of ESWT in the US in about the year 2000. Surgery is invasive and has a success rate of only 50% compared to the 80% to 90% success rate for ESWT. Additionally,...

Marijuana Drivers in crashes don’t drive slow, instead they speed.

January 01, 1970

20 years of government crash data dispel the slow driving myth. MORAGA, CA - 4/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Marijuana drivers speed at a higher percentage at both the lowest and highest posted speed limits and are more likely to drive off the road in fatal crashes.  They also speed more than other drivers in all age groups that have no alcohol or drugs. Finally, the percentage of drivers with marijuana use has nearly doubled in the last ten years, and is more than 6 times the 1994 level, and is now at 15% of fatal drivers. “Cheech and Chong and the pro marijuana crowd should take heed, drivers high on weed, speed!” says Al Crancer, study researcher. The marijuana driver’s inability to concentrate on multiple stimuli while driving results from marijuana’s hallucinogenic effect of time and space distortion.   This altered reality and limited ability to focus attention...

Rainbow Colored Hairstyles : The Best Cuts In Every Color

April 18, 2016

SEATTLE, WA - 4/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) --   has just wrapped up it's 2016 breakdown of .  The style website focused on inspiring ladies with new and unique hairstyles is quickly becoming the go-to source for trending looks. In it's most recent series Hairstyle Guru borrowed from the collective wisdom of many gutsy girls who let their stylists loose with some bright colors. "We couldn't believe how many great examples of non-traditional hair colors there are out there" said Kay Wilson, head style writer for Hairstyle Guru. "We were splitting hairs (pun intended) to decide which examples to use in each post". In the end 10 posts were compiled breaking down the top examples of colored hairstyles. Red Platinum Blonde Dark Blonde Green Blue

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